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The MAP System is a complete set of tools to make MTA easy to use and meet all clinician needs. There are four sets available on the market. The kits consist of one universal syringe and also include nine MTA injection tips made from two different materials; nozzles are available in three diameters.

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Four kits: MAP System Intro Kit, Universal Kit, Surgical Kit and Map One Kit.

For direct or retrograde filling of root canals, you can choose tips made of stainless steel or NiTi alloy. NiTi tips can be bent and return to their original shape after sterilization. As stated earlier, nozzles are made in three diameters: the smallest (0.90 mm) to reach the deepest part of the root canal, medium (1.10 mm) and the largest (1.30 mm) to apply the entire portion of the material at once. To identify sizes, yellow, red and blue colors are used, respectively.

Figure 1. Intro Kit: three NiTi tips.

Figure 2. Universal Kit: three NiTi tips and two stainless steel tips.

Figure 3. Surgical Kit: four pre-curved stainless steel tips (right and left) and two NiTi tips. The pre-curved tips have a double curve allowing them to be used in small surgical areas.

Figure 4. Map One Kit. One nozzle, 1.10mm, made of NiTi. This set can be called a starter set for beginners.

Figure 5. Connecting a universal syringe to a plastic plunger.

Figure 6. A plastic piston is placed inside each nozzle. It leaves enough space inside the nozzle for the MTA, creating a 4mm long barrier. When you press the plunger of the syringe, all the material moves out.

Figure 7. Fill the nozzle with MTA material, (the syringe plunger should be pulled back as far as possible so that the largest volume of MTA fits into the nozzle).

Application of MTA

The use of MTA for the closure of perforations, root resorptions, wide apical foramina, pinpoint pulp exposure and retrograde filling after surgical procedures has now become possible.

Finally, you need to clean the head of the nozzle using a special cleaning curette.

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