• L-PRF and A-PRF+ are new autologous materials used in periodontal regenerative surgery. They are both derived from blood from patients, but have different intrinsic characteristics.

Further details about possibilities of surgical periodontal treatment are accessible for you to learn in our course "Periodontitis: surgical and non-surgical treatment methods".

Material and methods

  • L-PRF and A-PRF+ membranes prepared from blood of 8 patients, incubated in culture medium for 2 days

  • Gingival fibroblasts (G-F) and periodontal ligament fibroblast (PDL-F) cells from 5 different healthy donors, pre-cultured for 1 day on special artificial wound healing assay plates (gap of 500 ± 50 μm)

  • Pre-cultured L-PRF and A-PRF+ supernatants were added and the cultures were incubated and migration registered for 24 hours. (Negative control-NEG: medium; Positive control-FGF II: Fibroblast Growth Factor II)

  • Cell proliferation and cell viability measured in the plates at the end of the assay and analysed. Images from cell migration were analysed with an image software.

  • Statistical analyses were performed.

FibroblastsFibroblasts during artificial wound closure


Cell proliferationCell proliferation

Artificial wound closureArtificial wound closure

Early and late artificial wound closureEarly vs late artificial wound closure


  • L-PRF and A-PRF+ have a stimulatory effect on migration and proliferation on gingival and periodontal ligament fibroblasts

  • Artificial wound closure was greater in late phase by A-PRF+ supernatant above L-PRF supernatant.

There are additional details about wound healing you can gain in our course "Wisdom teeth extraction" by Angelo Cardarelli and Jason Motta Jones.

List of authors:

Luciano Pitzurra

Dr. I. Jansen

Dr. T. de Vries

M.A. Hoogenkamp

Prof. Dr. B.G. Loos


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