Why Do Dentists Attend Congresses?
The answer seems obvious: to learn. But is that the only reason?
For the past 8 years, we've been organizing congresses, seminars, and workshops, and with each event, we're convinced that in-person learning offers every doctor more than just knowledge. 
Dentists attend for the chance to escape their daily routine, find inspiration, and embrace creativity. This is evident not only from your feedback but also from the joy we see on your faces during the events.

Our doctors have high expectations regarding the organization, lineup of speakers, and venues. We do everything to maintain quality and meet your expectations. At our events, doctors can count on assistance and support at every stage.
The range of locations for our congresses and seminars truly deserves the word "remarkable"! Some cities and events have become traditions, like the Christmas Congress in Prague. 
The selection of countries, cities, and venues is always special, as we strive for our guests to depart not only with newfound knowledge but also with new impressions, sightseeing experiences, and a sense of aesthetic enjoyment.

Our pride and the reason for hundreds of your enthusiastic reviews are our invited speakers. Each of our congresses features world-renowned experts in their specific fields. Among our speakers are Galip Gurel, Mauro Fradeani, Jeffrey Okeson, Marco Rosa, Arnaldo Castellucci, and David Angelo. We want you to receive only verified expert information.

Speakers are a crucial factor in the decision to attend live events, particularly workshops or seminars. Our doctors can obtain specialized training diplomas from world-renowned experts like Giovanni Zucchelli, Galip Gurel, Gregor Slavicek, Fabio Gorni, and Francesca Vailati.

We are very proud of you, dear fellow dentists. Thank you for your trust and your endless drive to grow, learn, and experiment. Never stop! In return, we will continue to create excellent live learning experiences.

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