The role of dentists has evolved over the years. In addition to performing clinical duties, these professionals must also navigate the intricacies of dental practice management. This pivotal role ensures the maintenance of high service quality, allowing the entire team to operate optimally, free from overload or stress.

But how can one effectively manage a dental practice? What key considerations should be taken into account?

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Optimizing the Workflow of a Dental Practice

Streamlining the reception process, enhancing patient communication, providing exceptional hospitality, controlling expenses, and revenues – these are just a few of the management tasks within a dental practice. Such activities demand a significant amount of time but are crucial for the seamless operation and success of the entire structure.

Choosing the Right Management Tools

Effectively managing a dental practice is not an insurmountable task—it is something anyone can achieve. The key is to select the right tools that offer mechanisms facilitating organizational efficiency.

Creating protocols for various activities, such as equipment sterilization, materials procurement, and invoice generation, can be particularly beneficial. Team members can refer to these documents at any time, minimizing errors.

Recognizing that dentists cannot oversee every aspect, it's essential to introduce managerial roles, such as a Practice Manager. This allows professionals to focus on patient care while managerial tasks are handled efficiently.

Do Comprehensive Dental Practice Management Software Solutions Exist?

The management of a dental practice can be significantly simplified with the use of dedicated software designed to support dentists and their teams in various activities.

FELG Dent is an all-in-one management system developed by an international team of dentists. This dental practice management software is designed to enhance patient communication, streamline workflows, and reduce hardware management costs. The integrated VoIP telephone system enables the creation of a call log, minimizing the loss of customers unable to reach the reception.

FELG Dent ensures the smooth and accurate functioning of the clinic, providing support during busy periods through:

  • Administration and Advanced Management Module

  • Full Financial Control Module

  • Mobile Application for Users and Patients

  • Automatic dispatch of appointment confirmations and reminders

  • Electronic patient signature on tablets

  • VoIP Telephony for full control over the call register

  • Creation of reports and statistics

  • Development of patient treatment plans

  • Online appointment calendar (Patient appointment calendar)

  • Handling dental X-ray/2D/3D*/STL images (*Implemented through an external program for X-ray imaging)

  • Electronic Medical Documentation (Maintaining electronic patient records)

  • ·Device-agnostic work from anywhere (Mobility - accessible on any device)

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