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Online course on orthodontics: OrthoEvolution 3.0

1 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0: Retention and Relapse in Orthodontics
2 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0. Vertical Control with TADs: Etiology and Treatment Modalities of Anterior Open Bite and Relapse
3 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0: Hemimandibular hyperplasy and facial asymmetry
4 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0: Root Resorption Associated With Orthodontic Tooth Movement
5 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0. Class III dental compensation with miniplates: what did I learn in 20 years?
6 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0. Progressive/Idiopathic Condylar Resorption: Case Reports. Management of unsalvageable TMJ
7 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0. Anterior Open Bite Correction: Surgery vs. TADs
8 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0: Orthodontic Retention with clear plastic retainers – what you need to know
9 Вебинар OrthoEvolution 3.0: Complex space closure of missing teeth with TADs
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- Recognize the indications of lower teeth retraction with miniplates for class III correction
- Understand the proper miniplate position for successful mechanics
- Identify the anatomical limitations for lower teeth retraction
- Discern the side effects of lower teeth retraction
- Understand how to control the side effects for ideal results
- Understand the adequate retention protocol after retraction

Jorge Faber

Dr. Faber is Professor of Evidence Based Dentistry and Orthodontics at the Post-Graduate Program of the University of Brasilia Dental School. He uses his editorial background to stimulate keen analysis of the scientific literature, since he served for 11 years as editor-in-chief of the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists and the Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics. He holds a PhD degree on Biology-Morphology, and a Master degree in Orthodontics, and is a Diplomate of the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Faber has lectured extensively in many countries, and has published over 100 articles in scientific journals. He won the Award College of Diplomates Case Report of the Year Award for the best case report published in the AJO-DO in 2009. He also maintains a private practice in Brasilia, Brazil.

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