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Online course: Оrtho Perio Synergy

1 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry. The impact of Orthodontics on the final outcome in complex clinical cases
2 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy. Borderline cases: diagnosis and ortho-perio therapeutic protocols
3 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment – Is there more to it?!
4 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Perio-Implant-Ortho Integration in Aesthetic Rehabilitation - keys for predictability and success
5 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Critical aspects in the solution of complex cases. The point of view of the periodontist
6 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal therapy in the interdisciplinary Complex Case. Goals, techniques and therapeutic sequence
7 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 1
8 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 2
9 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal orthodontic synergies for optimal esthetics
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- The biological rational behind periodontally accelerated orthodontic tooth movement and a specification of the technique. 
- Scope of movement in surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment periodontally accelerated orthodontic tooth movement protocol. Indications and contraindications
- Minimally invasive corticotomy in orthodontics
- Piezopuncture
- Using digital templates
- Recession. Treatment protocol
- The possible effect of bone decortication on orthodontic tooth movement including the `true` value of the procedure. leading the participants to better understand what will be the best `case selection` for such procedures.
- Сrucial parameters for `case-analysis`  to prevent the occurrence of mucogingival complications during and post orthodontic tooth movement. 
- Clinical cases

Orthodontic tooth movement is a frequent procedure in children. In recent years, orthodontic treatment has gained popularity also among adults, especially with the introduction of clear aligners. Surgical procedures including bone decortication offer the possibility to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and reduce treatment time. But... is this the true value of these procedures?

Tali Chackartchi

Graduated dentistry in 2002. Completed a post-graduate program in Periodontology at the Department of Periodontology, Hadassah & Hebrew University Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2008, and became a clinical instructor in the department at the same year. EFP accredited specialist since 2009.

In 2009 graduated the program of implant reconstructive dentistry in the G.Niznick Oral Implant Center. Awarded Two years scholarship from the Staub - Family fund for Perio-prosthesis scholars.

Performing research in the field of biological and clinical implications of the combined Ortho-Perio treatment and digital and guided implantology. International speaker on digital implantology, bone augmentation, soft tissue management around teeth and implants, and the `Ortho-Perio` interface. 

Former board member of the Israeli Specialists Forum. Member of the Israeli Post Graduate examination committee. Member of the Experts Council of the Osteology Foundation and past president of the Israeli Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration.

Owner of a private clinic located in Tel-Aviv dedicated to periodontology and implant dentistry.

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