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Online course: Оrtho Perio Synergy

1 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry. The impact of Orthodontics on the final outcome in complex clinical cases
2 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy. Borderline cases: diagnosis and ortho-perio therapeutic protocols
3 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment – Is there more to it?!
4 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Perio-Implant-Ortho Integration in Aesthetic Rehabilitation - keys for predictability and success
5 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Critical aspects in the solution of complex cases. The point of view of the periodontist
6 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal therapy in the interdisciplinary Complex Case. Goals, techniques and therapeutic sequence
7 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 1
8 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 2
9 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal orthodontic synergies for optimal esthetics
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Interdisciplinary team approach is becoming the gold standard in Dentistry. The complexity of clinical decisions demands treatment planning options  involving several specialists and working in a highly interactive manner. For the best treatment outcome, communication between clinicians,      technicians and patients is fundamental. This presentation will explore the impact of orthodontic treatment options on complex interdisciplinary cases. 

Attendees will learn: 

- The importance of treatment planning discussion in an interdisciplinary manner 
- The relevance of face driven orthodontic treatment prior to prosthodontic needs 
- The treatment boundaries when orthodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics are combined 
- Orthodontic rehabilitation: movement of teeth in the sagittal, vertical and transversal plane 
- The goals of orthodontic treatment 
- Orthodontic treatment planning
- Space management before aesthetic rehabilitation
- Tooth extrusion before aesthetic rehabilitation
- Interdisciplinary complex clinical cases
- Compromised aesthetic in the anterior area.

Nuno Sousa Dias

Created and registered a Smile`s Analysis named SAEF® - Smile`s Aesthetic Evaluation Form®.

He was elected ambassador for EPSOS (European Postgraduate Students Orthodontic Society) for Portugal and Israel for the years 2011 and 2012. 

A member of several national and international dental and orthodontic scientific organisations

He practices orthodontics at his own private clinic IDENTIFY (www.identify.pt) in Portugal, since 2013.

He is also Key Opinion Leaders of Hu-Friedy Group (Europe) and recently he was invited to be Key Initial User and part of the advisory board of the first orthodontic bracket system with triangular slop in the world, Triamond Brackets System from Adenta (Germany).

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