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Online course: Оrtho Perio Synergy

1 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry. The impact of Orthodontics on the final outcome in complex clinical cases
2 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy. Borderline cases: diagnosis and ortho-perio therapeutic protocols
3 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment – Is there more to it?!
4 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Perio-Implant-Ortho Integration in Aesthetic Rehabilitation - keys for predictability and success
5 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Critical aspects in the solution of complex cases. The point of view of the periodontist
6 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal therapy in the interdisciplinary Complex Case. Goals, techniques and therapeutic sequence
7 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 1
8 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 2
9 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal orthodontic synergies for optimal esthetics
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- Mini-plates for skeletal anchorage 
- Aesthetic Crown-lengthening 
- Gummy Smile Diagnosis and Treatments 
- Lip reposition 
- Ortho-Perio Integration.

Nowadays aesthetic rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary interaction increasingly intense. Separate specialties leads to inadequate and often patient dissatisfaction with the end result. The planning, with the union of pink and white aesthetic is the big key to the predictability and success in cases. Development of aesthetic restoration requires a careful, thorough and concise team approach.

Orthodontics has undergone a major revolution in recent times.

- The first was the craniofacial three-dimensional tomographic diagnosis.
- The second was the skeletal anchorage with miniplates, which helps for the orthodontic movement is quick, with minimal side effects.
- The third was the creation of an advanced mechanical promoting bone remodeling concurrent in all three planes of space (anteroposterior, lateral and vertical), solving complex cases.

This development in the orthodontic area allowed greater contribution of orthodontics for real integration between specialties, mainly oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, orthognathic surgery and implantology.

Gustavo Giordani

Specialised in Maxillofacial and Periodontal Surgery and Impantology.

Оne of the surgeons of Atelie Oral, considered the most succesful dental clinic of Brazil and South America.

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