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Online course: Оrtho Perio Synergy

1 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry. The impact of Orthodontics on the final outcome in complex clinical cases
2 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy. Borderline cases: diagnosis and ortho-perio therapeutic protocols
3 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment – Is there more to it?!
4 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Perio-Implant-Ortho Integration in Aesthetic Rehabilitation - keys for predictability and success
5 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Critical aspects in the solution of complex cases. The point of view of the periodontist
6 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal therapy in the interdisciplinary Complex Case. Goals, techniques and therapeutic sequence
7 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 1
8 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Orthodontic rehabilitation of patients with periodontal disease. Part 2
9 Вебинар Оrtho Perio Synergy: Periodontal orthodontic synergies for optimal esthetics
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- Diagnosis and therapeutic assessments
- Treatment plan option and subjective factors
- Borderline cases: a) localized, b) localized/generalized and c) generalized
- Borderline cases: dental ankylosis in the anterior sextant
- Borderline cases: trauma in the anterior segment associated with sagittal and transverse growth deficits
- Muco-gingival reconstructive therapy in an adult borderline case
- Intra-operative Orthodontic-Parodontal Clinical Synergies
- Orthodontic-periodontal assessments before prosthetic finalization.

The participant can learn:

1) The advantages of a combined orthodontic - periodontal diagnosis;

2) In detail the orthodontic phases and periodontal therapeutic sequences in complete synergy;

3) Clinical strategies to facilitate orthodontic movement and improve mucogingival problems.

Dr. Stefano Parma Benfenati and Dr. Giuliano Maino

Stefano Parma-Benfenati

He received his medical degree at Ferrara University (Italy) in 1978 and specialized in Dentistry at Genova University (Italy) in 1981. `Master of Science in Periodontology` at Boston University in 1984.

Active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology since 1987. Co-author in many articles and books.

Professor for the Periodontology Course at  Ferrara University from 1986 to 2000.

Teaching Professor on European Master Degree in Periodontology at Dental School University of Torino. Teaching Professor on  Master Degree in Oral Surgery and Patology in Parma University, focusing on GBR topics.

Director of  International Master program in Periodontology at Istituto Stomatologico Toscano (Unicamillus University Roma)

Private practice  limited to  Periodontology and Implantology in Ferrara (Italy).

Giuliano Maino

Dr. B. Giuliano Maino is Post Graduated Clinical Training in Orthodontics at Boston University.

He is Visiting Professor in Orthodontics at Ferrara University and Insubria University. EBO and IBO certified 

President ASE, The Angle Society of Europe. President SIDO, Italian Society of Orthodontics. President WIOA, World Implant Orthodontic Association.

Past President WIOC - 3th World Implant Orthodontic Conference, Verona (ITALY), 2011. Past President Italian Academy of Orthodontics (AIdOr), 2011. Past President ASIO (Italian Association Orthodontics Specialist), 2002. Past Presidente SITeBi (Italian Society of Bidimensional Tecnique), 1995-1996.

Active Member AAO (American Association of Orthodontics). Active Member SIdP (Italian Society of Periodontology).

Lecturer in Orthodontics in Italy, Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia.

He received the Award for the Best Clinical Research published in 2009 in AJODO.

He is maintaining a private practice in Orthodontics in Vicenza, Italy. 

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