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Webinar course: Aligners from A to Z

1 Вебинар Keys to aligner treatment for challenging cases
2 Вебинар How to treat the most difficult clinical cases using aligners
3 Вебинар Occlusion, сranio mandibular system and аligners
4 Вебинар Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners to Improve Predictability
5 Вебинар How to use Aligners from 6 years old to 18 years old?
6 Вебинар Avoiding the mistakes in planning and management of aligner patients. What to do if everything goes wrong? Use of auxiliary techniques
7 Вебинар Surgical and non Surgical Approach in treating deepbite cases by using clear aligner orthodontic treatment
8 Вебинар How we succeed growing patients treatment using clear aligner
9 Вебинар Class II malocclusion camouflage in adult patients using clear aligners
10 Вебинар Aligner biomechanics: from basic research to clinical application
11 Вебинар Above the limits using clear aligners
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Nowadays aligners are becoming more popular in treating malocclusion with more than 5M patients  treated by Invisalign  system. The Digital records before and after  for all these patients allows us to have a precise information about the predictability and the limit of tooth movement.

The challenge remains in the management of complex tooth movement by using the auxiliaries.

During this presentation several patients with deep bite will be discussed and the mechanics used with the aligners will be detailed.

Waddah Sabouni


2010-2011 PG Orthognathic surgery  Lyon II university 

2008-2010 PG Lingual orthodontics paris V university

2007 Orthodntics pediatric diploma  paris VI university

2005  Orthodntics certficats  paris V university

1997-2002 DDS Aleppo university

Expériences professionnelle

2019-today Lecturer Ivry university (university certificate of aligners orthodontics)

2019-today Lecturer la reunion university (university diploma of aligners orthodontics)

2016-today Board member of SFOPA French Aligner society

2016-today manager of EUMAA “european master of aligner” France

2017-today clinical manager of Invisalign center  clinic Dubai UAE

2015 Board Editor members of JAO , JPIO

2011-today  owner of la réserve orthodontics practice 

2009-today  private practice  Toulon sourire - Toulon

2009-2006 Lecturer paris V university

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