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Webinar course: Aligners from A to Z

1 Вебинар Keys to aligner treatment for challenging cases
2 Вебинар How to treat the most difficult clinical cases using aligners
3 Вебинар Occlusion, сranio mandibular system and аligners
4 Вебинар Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners to Improve Predictability
5 Вебинар How to use Aligners from 6 years old to 18 years old?
6 Вебинар Avoiding the mistakes in planning and management of aligner patients. What to do if everything goes wrong? Use of auxiliary techniques
7 Вебинар Surgical and non Surgical Approach in treating deepbite cases by using clear aligner orthodontic treatment
8 Вебинар How we succeed growing patients treatment using clear aligner
9 Вебинар Class II malocclusion camouflage in adult patients using clear aligners
10 Вебинар Aligner biomechanics: from basic research to clinical application
11 Вебинар Above the limits using clear aligners
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The main mistakes in planning:

- Why don’t the aligners work in the patient’s mouth as on the virtual plan?
- How to avoid physically impossible movements for aligners


- Complex rotation of incisors, canines and posteriors: how to avoid problems at the planning stage, how to rotate different teeth using chains.
- Extrusion. Attachments or buttons and elastics? How to easily extrude teeth for 1mm per week.
- The use of braces, miniscrews, elastics: possible side effects and how to overcome them.

Aligner pliers:

- Strengthening the retention
- Speeding up rotations
- Enhancing tipping and the other movements

Common mistakes when doing an IPR. What to do if you:

- Did not make an IPR on time
- Stripped excessively
- Damaged tooth anatomy

Aligner retention problems:

- Trays do not fit
- When should I do a refinement and can it be avoided?

Avoiding negative effects at the finish:

- Disocclusion in the posteriors
- Sagittal gap
- Incomplete movements
- Loss of angulation
- Loss of torque
- Unwanted intrusion (watermelon seed effect)

Mikhail Shishkin

Orthodontist, specialist in the field of aligners.

Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Samara State Medical University (2011), practices in the clinic `Orthodontist`, Samara.

He specializes in correcting occlusion using transparent self-made aligners. More than 500 successfully completed clinical cases in 9 years of practice.

Supervises laboratories for the manufacture of aligners in the USA, Singapore, India and a dozen European countries: simulates virtual setups, monitors the results of orthodontic treatment.

He transferred his orthodontic practice to digital `rails`, which allows one doctor with the help of a team to see up to 100 patients a day and have excellent results.

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