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Webinar course Functional dentistry Dr. Rocabado

1 Webinar Functional Dentistry Dr. Rocabado
2 Webinar Functional Dentistry Dr. Rocabado
3 Webinar Functional Dentistry Dr. Rocabado
4 Webinar Functional Dentistry Dr. Rocabado
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The objective of this webinars is to give a different and multidisciplinary view of a common systemic problem, which is rarely really treated that way.

Real solutions for dentists, specially prosthodontists, orthodontists to solve tmj and cervical issues together with the help of a physical therapist.

This approach will make your treatments more efficient and stable in time.

We invite you to take part in the FUTURE OF DENTISTRY.


• Tricentric relationship

“There is more than just one centric relation in the masticatory system”

1. Cranio vertebral

2. Craniomandibular

3. Centric occlusion in rest position

A biomechanical musculoskeletal point of view with orthopedic manual therapy therapeutic approach

• Dental considerations to perform parallel therapy with physical therapist

Tricentric stabilization with versatile orthopedic interocclusal apparatus therapy depending on each case diagnosis




Mariano Rocabado

Physical therapist Universidad de Chile 

Orthopedic manual therapist specialist, Health Institute Atlanta, USA 

Dean of Faculty of Science of rehabilitation Universidad Andres Bello 2005-2017 

Head teacher Universidad Andres Bello 

Doctor in physical therapy Saint Augustine Florida, USA 2003 

Head teacher in Universidad de Chile, Dentistry Faculty, Orthodontics Department 

Medical and Physical Rehabilitation Director Integramedica, Chile 

Cedime Director: Musculoskeletal Disfunctions Study Centre, Santiago, Chile 

DATA WEBINAR IS A PART OF THE COURSE Webinar course Functional dentistry Dr. Rocabado

The legendary doctor Mariano Rocabado will show you the future of dentistry today! 

This is the man who combined DENTISTRY with GENERAL MEDICINE and developed a unique system for diagnostics and treatment of craniomandibular dysfunctions (including TMJD) and craniocervical dysfunctions. 

Doctor Rocabado along with his follower Dr. Gutierrez will elaborate on cause-effect relations between the reasons of these pathologies and will also introduce you appropriate precise interdisciplinary treatment protocols. 

This is the most intensive online course which will teach all dentists how to comprehensively solve dental and dento-postural problems!

Mariano Rocabado