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Webinar course Functional Orthodontics.

1 Webinar Introduction to the Bimler Method.
2 Webinar Construction.
3 Webinar Introduction Bimler Ceph.
4 Webinar Sample cases type A protruded incisors.
5 Webinar Adjustment & Design Bimler Appliance.
6 Webinar Crossbite Bimler Appliance + sample cases.
7 Webinar Interceptive treatment.
8 Webinar Adults and handicapped.
Webinar № 8 2019-11-19 20:00
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Most often, deep Div. 2 in permanent dentition: B-type

14 years Interdental springs in B-Type Vertical improvement in adults?

Arch alignment in adults

Cross bite in permanent dentition Conditions for success

Predictability of success

Extraction in adults …with long-term control

Deep bite & maxillary protrusion …with long-term control

Barbara Bimler.

Doctorate in communication science in 1983

From 1988, publications of over 50 articles and collaboration with several books. Conducting numerous courses internationally.

2003 Visiting Professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico UAEM, Toluca. 

2005, Profesor Invitado del Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas, La Havana.

Since 2003, Director of the International Stomatopedic Institute, and General Manager of the Bimler Laboratories. Married to Michael P Rhodes who died in 2011. 

DATA WEBINAR IS A PART OF THE COURSE Webinar course Functional Orthodontics.

Barbara Bimler is a legendary orthodontist! She is world famous for her original design of individual appliances for treatment of various bite pathologies.

During the online course on functional orthodontics Barbara Bimler will describe:

- design and use of Bimler appliances (A, B, C, types)

- interceptive orthodontic treatment

- treatment of children with congenital malformation of maxillofacial area

- treatment of adults with functional appliances

- treatment of handicapped patients

This is the most intensive online course especially for the doctors who apply functional orthodontic techniques!