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Treatment of pathological tooth wear. Additive prosthodontics. The concept «Aesthetics-Function-Posture».

1 Webinar The concept of “ADDITIVE” prosthodontics
2 Webinar Minimally invasive Prep Veneers
3 Webinar Occlusion and Occlusal balance - Posteriors
4 Webinar Minimally invasive tooth preparation for adhesive onlays and overlays
5 Webinar Nods of worn teeth patients restorations
6 Webinar Parafunction and teeth wear
7 Webinar Esthetic and occlusal rehabilitation of worn patients with asymptomatic occlusal disorders
8 Webinar Nods of Additive Prosthodontic sand Occlusal Balance
9 Webinar Esthetic and occlusal rehabilitation of patients with TMJ disorders
10 Webinar TMJ disorder patients Clinical Cases
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The right use of E.F.P. Approach with TMJ disorder patients rehabilitation

When we could use additive prosthodontics or traditional prosthodontics in the rehabilitation of TMJ disorder patients

Long Term results and maintance of TMJ disorder patients rehabilitation

Camillo D`Arcangelo.

Dean of the Department of Medical, Oral and Biotechnologies Sciences of the University of Chieti.

Full Professor in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Chieti, Italy Dean of the Unit of Restorative Dentistry of the Department of Medical, Oral and Biotechnologies Sciences of University of Chieti.

Elected President of Italian Association of Operative Dentistry.

His clinical and research qualities, together with his didactic skills, are internationally recognized.

He is an invited speaker in the most prestigious International Congresses and he is the scientific, he is didactic coordinator of several activities involving different International Universities and invited Professor in several international universities.

He published more than 100 papers on the most prestigious national and international journals.

DATA WEBINAR IS A PART OF THE COURSE Treatment of pathological tooth wear. Additive prosthodontics. The concept «Aesthetics-Function-Posture».

This course combines issues of functional dentistry and orthopaedics!

3 months of gradual review of medical manipulations on a patient with functional deviations:

- diagnostics

- consideration of postural aspects

- functional treatment

- final result: aesthetic rehabilitation by indirect restorations.

The lecturer will be elaborating on complex functional patients during the 10 webinars (including bruxists and patients with severe pathological tooth wear). These patients receive clinical treatment starting from functional diagnostics and finishing with ideal ceramic restorations.

Camillo D`Arcangelo.