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Webinar course on orthodontics: OrthoEvolution 2.0

1 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Management Of Adult Patients With Severe Bone Loss
2 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Molar Uprighting using Miniscrews: Differential Diagnosis and Lab-free Chairside fabrication of MAPS, MAUS
3 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Clinical Management of Transpositions in Orthodontics with Emphasis on Autotransplantation
5 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Aesthetic driven orthodontics with the biomechanical details of the Pitts Protocols
4 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Minimalism Orthodontics for major `root movement`: How to save natural teeth & minimize prosthesis
6 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. Fascination and limits of the noncompliance orthodontic TAD`s / SARA / SUS
7 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. The orthodontic relapse etiology, prevention, management
8 Webinar OrthoEvolution 2.0. MARPE, The Ultimate Revolution in Orthodontics: Why, When and How
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- Introduction to orthodontic retention / relapse
- Anatomical, functional, dental, gingival and periodontal aspects
- The controversial influence of growth, TMJ, tongue, habit, dysfunction and respiratory system
- Retention aspects in diagnostics and therapy planning
- Occlusal retention criteria, accurate occlusal finishing as a stability factor
- Brackets or aligners, type and range of tooth movement in relation to Stability
- Retention protocol and stability prognosis for individual dysgnathias
- Ex versus non-Ex therapy in terms of stability
- The role of the wisdom teeth between myth and truth
- Physiological changes in the stomatognathic system (aging)
- Risk groups for retention
- Management of non-compliance patients
- Fixed and removable retention devices and retainers
- The bimaxillary "SARA retention concept"
- Digital and analog retainers
- Retention after dignathic surgery
- Retention after dental trauma
- Adjuvant and surgical retention measures
- Management of proclination of the lower incisors while class II treatment
- Relevant forensic and economic aspects
- Future horizons in orthodontics

Aladin Sabbagh

Specialist of temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

2005 Chairman of the German Association of Orthodontics in M. Franconia / Bavaria.

2018 Top orthodontist award (Focus Magazine, Germany).

1996 EU/USA patent for the “SUS² / Sabbagh Universal Spring”

2002 EU/USA patent for the “Aqua Splint ®”

Lecturer at the european academy of dental education in Nuremberg, and several national & international universities. Consultant and referent for Forestadent, Dentaurum, 3M Unitek, & Teledenta.

Member of the editorial board of Quintessenz publishing, and the scientific board of IOS & AEO in Prague. Various awards for international outstanding merits.

Since 1991 various publications, 750+ seminars and lectures worldwide about: 
- Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), the „AquaSplint concept“. 
- Noncompliance orthodontic, SUS², Herbst appliance, & Tad’s. 
- Modern adult orthodontics / troubleshooting.

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