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Webinar course on direct restoration

1 Webinar The bio-emulation protocols for shade matching in dentistry
2 Webinar How to reproduce aging of teeth with composite resin: challenges and feasibility
3 Webinar Life hacks of the direct restoration to exit from complex and non-standard situations (part 1)
4 Webinar Life hacks of the direct restoration to exit from complex and non-standard situations (part 2)
5 Webinar Direct restoration in treatment of the worn dentition
6 Webinar Treatment of the peg lateral and microdont teeth
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Essential Shade and Shape, recipes for success in composite: Solving difficult cases starts and finishes always in restorative dentistry, if the adhesive dentistry is not planned well, it is impossible to solve a complex case. Is common to hear that aesthetic composites are difficult to plan, hard to perform and complicated to match. We have heard as well that simplification is not for refined dentistry, but this statement could not be more wrong. During this lecture we will see how simplification can lead you to the path of success, from the digital and analogue color matching, to the clinical tips and tricks for placing composites, up to the flawless finalization with a perfect shape. We will learn that improvisation must be completely abolished and for this purpose it will always be perfect to have a recipe and solve your most difficult case by following protocols.

- Overcoming restorative difficulties 
- Aesthetic composites
- Color matching
- Layering recipes 
- Surface and morphology
- Finishing and polishing
- Restoration longevity

Jordi P. Manauta

Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) with major grants.

He continued his postgraduate studies in operative and aesthetic dentistry, earning a master’s degree from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Member of Styleitaliano.

He has developed and currently is developing various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry and photography in collaboration with international companies.

Author and coauthor of many publications in international journal.

DATA WEBINAR IS A PART OF THE COURSE Webinar course on direct restoration
Javier Tapia-Guadix, Jason Smithson, Jordi P. Manauta