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Webinar course Dr. Meenakshi S. Kher: Interventions in the Young Permanent Tooth

1 Webinar Minimally Invasive Restorative Modalities in the Anterior Aesthetic Zone
2 Webinar Treating Young Permanent Molars What, When, Why and How?
3 Webinar Endodontic Techniques in the Vital Immature Permanent Tooth
4 Webinar Regenerative Endodontic Therapy (RET/ REP) for Immature Permanent Teeth with Necrotic Pulp/ Apical Periodontitis
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- To understand why permanent anterior teeth in a child need to be treated differently from adult teeth
- To understand the advantages and scope of minimally invasive operative interventions in the anterior tooth 
- Resin Infiltration to treat hypomineralized lesions 
- Minimally Invasive Restoration for Incisor Fractures including Fragment Reattachments 
- Treating Incisor Discolouration 
- Techniques for replacing Missing Permanent Incisors in children 
- Prevention and use of remineralizing agents for treatment of white spot lesions

Meenakshi S. Kher

MDS, is a leading specialist in clinical pediatric dentistry in India. A graduate of the Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai, she received her Master’s degree in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry from the Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai. In 1995 she established the ‘Happy Tooth Clinic for Kids’ in Mumbai city dedicated exclusively to managing the oral health needs of children. Her workshop Pedopathshala, a continuing education course in clinical pediatric dentistry was founded in 2010 with the aim of enthusing clinicians to practice evidence based pediatric dentistry. Pedopathshala has proved to be immensely popular amongst general and specialist dentists giving Dr. Meenakshi Kher an opportunity to personally mentor more than a thousand dentists from different parts of the world. Her expertise in pediatric dental treatment protocols has received international recognition and she has been an invited speaker at international congresses including the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry and FDI. She conducts webinars and podcasts for international audiences on social media groups dedicated to pediatric dentistry. In 2019, she authored a book by Springer International Publications titled ‘Contemporary Treatment Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry’.

DATA WEBINAR IS A PART OF THE COURSE Webinar course Dr. Meenakshi S. Kher: Interventions in the Young Permanent Tooth

The treatment decisions we make for our pediatric patients have significant long-term implications on their dental status through adulthood. Recognizing the far-reaching consequences of our interventions would help us select more holistic treatment options that not only look at the present well being of the child but also that of the future adult. A conscious effort is required in selecting Minimally Invasive Restorative modalities when Restoring Young Permanent Teeth. It is also well recognized that performing pulp therapy in an Immature Permanent Tooth poses a unique set of challenges. The speaker will discuss, step-by-step, the when, why and how of different treatment protocols in the young permanent tooth. Mastering these minimally invasive techniques will ensure superior long-term prognosis for the tooth through adulthood.

Meenakshi S. Kher